Friday, August 29, 2008


Today is the last day of training which takes five days from 25th agust to 29th agust. i enjoyed being with the training because i got a knolewdge wich can help with my job to get modern information through internet,also i know what is blogg and how to use it and i have a blogg.
The training was good and i will like to be at the coming training which held at november,i would like to thank mr PEIk JOHANSSON our trainer from finish broadcasting
company YLE Radio Finland,he is nice trainer,and i hope all the participants they understood well mr Peik and they will develop about using the internet.
I wolud like to thank all the organisation helped this training to be organized including MISA-Tanzania and VIKES foundation(finish foundatin for media,communication and development)also TGDLC Tanzania Global Development learning center for their good service in breackfast and lunch i thank all.
Im proud to my knowledge i got through the traininig and i wil make sure when i back to my office i will use to teach my staff member what i learn in my traing.
wish all the best in daily life and who go out of daresalaam.
Thanx and god bless all.


EPA-environmental protection agency .is the federal regulatory agency responsible for oversight of the Clean Water Act and other environmental programs. Governmental agency responsible for the enforcement of environmental laws,The Environmental Protection Agency is the governmental agency responsible for administration of laws to control and/or reduce pollution of air, water, and land systems. Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal agency responsible for the regulation of pesticides, toxic chemicals, hazardous wastes, and toxic pollutants in water and air.

The problem of EPA Reduce Population Growth & Help
Our Environment. Learn More Today the environment has focused on the environmental, social, and public policy issues at work in American cities. Our PBS series, Edens Lost & Found, looked at how city life is impacted and can be enhanced by reclaiming urban parks and gardens that have been left to decay, building educational service programs on the environment into schools, supporting the work of local family farmers, and improving mass transportation opportunities. A new program now in development, Being Creative in Philadelphia, will continue these themes by looking at how artists and entrepeneurs can work together to produce a better Disease urbanHelp Fight Poverty, Disease And
Suffering in Africa with AMREF

The poblems might African countries face if they sign the agreement, Economic Partnership Agreement (EPAOn this issue which is of much concern to Guyana, the President insists that Guyana signing the EPA must broadly be accepted by the country’s citizens.

He told journalists that his position has not changed. “We had extensive discussions and I still feel strongly that we are entering into an Agreement that will undermine some aspects of the regional integration movement.”

The President added that the EPA with the European Union can undermine the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME); noting that, “I am very worried that we are giving up economic sovereignty to the EU.”

The President explained that once the region’s members of the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group sign the EPA any other agreement that the ACP signs that is related to the EPA will have to be sanctioned by the European Union.

“For example, if CARICOM Heads were to decide on particular trade matters and were to make that decision the day after the EPA is signed, the Agreement, once that impacted on this agreement we could not implement it or we had to consult the EU to get the EU’s approval. So we in many ways would have taken away the sovereignty exercised by the legitimately elected governments of the region.”
Those are the explaination of EPA and the problem might African countries face if they sign the agreement.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Yesterday it was a best day in my training since I start the workshop, trainer Peik Johansson trained blogg website how to open we it and we have blogg address.we opened ,cloudsfm radio,daily news and so on.

Also we did an assignment asked why we joined in workshop and the benefit we can got after the worksop.and so we learned internet in everyday journalism and the benefit in media from the internet.
The things make happy yesterday its how I manage to open the blogg website and used, because it’s a things I desired to know for a long time now,I was so axiousted yesterday.
A problem we got yesterday there power problem which made the computer run slowly, ac not working ,also lift are not worked so people are walking to downstairs. A
So this are the things made me happy yesterday and the broblem I got.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

why i joined in this workshop

Tanzania internet foundation aimed to train a journalist on how to get the information easily
through the internet.

I joined this workshop because I want to know how to use the internet and it can be better to my job on how to get more information from the world through internet.
And am sure this workshop will be useful to me.

The first day we started the workshop we learn the aim of this programe,trainer Peik Johansson trained the changes in the world of communication and media,search for information also introduce how internet has changed societies through global library ,watch tv games and so on.

I like to cover the topic prepared by this workshop in a few days coming.

After the workshop am sure I will get an expert on how to use the internet to get information when I back to my I will try to teach my stuff what I got through workshopAnd I think my office will be proud about the knowledge I got.